Turn UP The SALES™ is focused on HUMANS: Because you sell cars to humans, not clicks. We deliver humans to your showroom floor with our UP-Lead Landslide™ and Facebook UP-Sales Events™. Our products bring you people who want to talk exclusively to YOU and want to be contacted immediately. They are already opted-in for texting, calls, and emails for your salespeople; they want your staff to work with them on a vehicle purchase. Salespeople can’t work with a click: No matter how good your sales staff or managers may be, nobody can close a click.

Essentially, we believe that everything you’ve been taught about digital advertising is wrong. Even though dealers spend $5.3 BILLION on digital advertising per year (NADA.org stat), many digital advertising vendors just take advantage and sell you clicks when you don’t understand what you’re getting. Well, with Turn UP The SALES™, you simply get HUMANS to talk to and sell. We offer the competitive advantage that only human floor traffic can give you. You can read further here about our products, click here to jump directly to our About Section., or click here to jump directly to our Contact Form.

Join the Sunshine!
Land Your Summer Sales Lift TODAY!

In honor of summer AND the 50th Anniversary of the USA’s Moon Landing, our UP-Leads–which are HUMANS interested in coming to your showroom to buy more vehicles for a sales LIFT–and are EXCLUSIVE to you–are discounted to $1969 for a month from our normal retail of $2495.


Our Facebook UP-Sales Events are $1969 OFF this summer! Normally $9964, this price of $7995 for an event brings more showroom visitors, plus more HUMAN lead opportunities, and our remote Event BDC to bear on LIFTING your July Sales. 🙂  Easy to set up, and Point-Of-Sales materials and helpdesk included!

Contact us at:

Sales: 281-853-8895, sales@turnupthesales.com

Turn UP The SALES Products

Our Facebook® UP-Sales Events™ generate sales LIFT via CUSTOMER Visits to your showroom from advertised Facebook Events hosted by Turn UP the SALES™. These events can be buy-back, holiday, seasonal, or tent-sale support. This 4th of July is prime time for sales from UP-Sales Events™at your dealership–call today!

These are CUSTOMERS generated from Social Ads & All Shopping for Cars NOW.

Our SEVEN DAY UP-Sales Events™ Package creates an online social event to draw shoppers to your store. This includes six days of early advertising and four days of heavy, direct advertising + in-store processes for the showroom traffic.

  • EXCLUSIVITY – These customers are only being sent to YOUR STORE. Guaranteed.
  • Two-stroke BuyBack Event Ad Campaigns for MAXIMUM attention. Desktop & Mobile Shoppers!
  • HIGH Contact Rate Means HIGH Return and Sales LIFT – Customers are available for sales staff to chat using Facebook Messenger–the #1 communications app in the WORLD and which is already on the customer’s phone. Salespeople can set appointments right in the discussion. Talk to the customer where they ARE–phone calls can work, but text and messenger are what customers WANT when they are shopping. And if they get what they want, you know they BUY! We have an optional BDC to help, too.

UP-Lead LANDSLIDE™ produces sales-LIFTING opportunities from Real HUMANS, that lead to REAL SALES

UP-Leads are REAL SHOPPING CUSTOMER highly-interactive leads generated from Social Ads & all of them are Shopping for Cars NOW.

100 Lead Package per month with increments of 100 leads.

  • EXCLUSIVITY – Only YOU Get These Leads. Guaranteed.
  • Three Lead-Gen Ad Campaigns for MAXIMUM attention. Desktop & Mobile Shoppers!
  • Highest Value Car Shopper Leads in the Business.
  • The most current contact information of ANY leads available today.
  • All leads are Text-able, and Opt-In for Text, Email, and Phone.
  • Full CRM lead Integration – Work inside your Current CRM! 
  • Unique 2-D Appointment Barcode to KNOW who shows (Patent-Pending).

About Turn UP The SALES™

Turn UP The SALES™ was formed in 2019 to focus automotive retail advertising products on generating human floor traffic that can actually buy vehicles, instead of the expensive and murky website traffic of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) clicks, email “click-thrus”, totally useless display ads and “click bait” clicks, etc.: Because clicks don’t buy cars, customers do!

Turn UP The SALES™ has partnered with Keith Shetterly (aka “The Bullcutter” of BullCutter.com) who has years of automotive retail, consulting, process, and digital advertising audit experience. Keith has joined his partner, Amanda Camden (VP of Sales) because they share the same vision: They both believe that the modern answer for automotive retail AND for shoppers involves HUMANS, not clicks. Our Turn UP The SALES™ advertising focuses where the HUMANS are (not clicks), in a place and time where they WANT to buy a vehicle from you.  Customers there are quickly and naturally opt-in for text, email, and calls from your dealership, and are easily set up to visit your showroom directly.

You can get a true sales lift for your month there, rather than a “click lift” for your website traffic.

So, where is this place? Where are these humans? They are on Social Media, right where Turn UP The SALES™ advertises for you–not to get useless “likes” and impressions–but to yield actual human lead generation and social sales events for floor traffic. Why does this work? It’s easy to see once you compare it with Google’s search advertising: Expensive paid search (PPC) is “natively click”, not human, where any clear association between these paid clicks and your sales is always hard to nail down (no matter what any vendor tells you). And many paid clicks are not humans, or sometimes human but not interested in your dealership at all: more ineptness and waste, and no clear competitive advantage for your monthly sales.

However, Social Media is exactly “natively HUMAN”, and Turn UP The SALES™ focuses on real people that want to buy a car from YOU! Generating human buyers with Turn UP The SALES™ means the association between a customer shopping and an eventual sale to that customer is clear and without question. You never have to guess, you’ll know what you spent to get the sales, and you get to talk to and welcome humans to your sales floor that can give you a true sales lift this month–and that’s why we’re called Turn UP The SALES.




281-853-8895 for the sales line, text or call

Here’s a great ONE-MINUTE narrated video to show why you need us to WIN! 🙂
Just turn the sound on for the best experience. 


Turn UP The SALES Contact Form. Contact Us here or call us 281-853-8895. Also, email us at sales@turnupthesales.com.

Contact Us here or call us 281-853-8895. Also, email us at sales@turnupthesales.com

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